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“Giving you the best in knowledge, skills, but most of all, education!”

A message from Bryant:

“I would like to thank you for your interest Bryant’s Barber Academy. Our programs are intended to prepare students for a career in the Barbering field. We have an excellent record of passing the State Board.

Our vision is to provide the community and state with the finest quality of education in the hair care industry. Our mission will be established by equipping each student with knowledge, skills and earning potentials. These necessities are required in this field for success in today’s high tech society.

Our goal is to provide you with a strong foundation so you can enjoy a dynamic and lucrative career in one of the world’s oldest professions.”

Adam Bryant is from Mount Carmel, South Carolina. He is known by everyone in the academy as “Bryant”, since usually everyone calls each other by their last name. He has been cutting hair since he was sixteen years old. From teaching students how to cut hair, he has learned to always expect the unexpected. He says “People can change, but you’ve got to show people that there’s something better from where they came from. Great Grandma always said the people you hang with will decide your future.” The greatest asset that students will learn at Bryant’s Barber Academy is integrity when everyone else is doing wrong. It’s important for Bryant to do what is right is in the business. “Righteousness will prevail.”

We offer both day and night classes and the best in education. We also encourage students to volunteer in the Clean Start program. Check out what students have said about the school below. Please contact the school for more information about the school and the financial options available.

“Bryant goes above and beyond to help you with getting in to the school and finishing.”

“I didn’t wait six months to cut hair, I was cutting hair for nine months straight since I was being instructed as I went through the program.”

“Bryant is a great teacher. He’s firm with the way he teaches, he demands confidence as a barber.”

“The Academy is hands on.”

“You know what’s expected of you and you know what you’re going to get from Bryant’s Barber Academy.”

“I chose this school after interviewing three times with Bryant. I was considering other schools in larger cities, but Bryant’s demeanor, attitude towards teaching and knowledge about barbering helped me know this was the right school.”


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  • April 20, 2011

    Men $5
    Women $7
    Shear -Over Comb $10
    Razor Fade $12
    Design $10 & up
    Scalp Treatment $5
    Shampoo $5
    Moisturizing $4
    Leave-in Conditioner $3
    Taper $5
    Eyebrows $4
    Shape-up $5
    Mustache $3
    Color $20 & up
    Beard $3

    100% PASSING RATE!

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